Getting Started with Beef & Dairy Cattle

Getting Started with Beef & Dairy Cattle

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Heather Smith Thomas, a lifelong cattle rancher and author of several previous books for more experienced farmers, offers a succinct layperson’s guide to the basics of raising a small herd of cattle, whether for meat or dairy products. She outlines organic and natural farming methods and covers all the information needed to get started and be successful.

Getting Started with Beef & Dairy Cattle
encourages new and beginning farmers to start small and start right. Thomas explains the basics of selecting and raising a calf, along with feeding, shelter, and care guidelines. She covers breeding and calving, as well as tips for managing a herd through the seasons. There is basic health care information for preventing disease and addressing common ailments. For those raising beef cattle, Thomas offers guidelines for butchering; for those raising dairy cattle, there are step-by-step guidelines on milking.


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